How “Think and Learn Big” became a reality

How “Think and Learn Big” became a reality

logo_smallAs I begin writing this, I am humbled by the great response Rachel and I have had to our project/dream. It was a dream we shared to help children understand they are more than a grade card, more than a number, and most importantly they hold the key within themselves to be the person they truly wish to be.

My journey began in August of 2010. I sat in a quiet bedroom with just my thoughts, an empty home, and a desire to be made new. 27 years had passed me by. I thought that after 20 years of being a musician, I should be successful and happy by now. The ego was reminding me over and over how I had failed.  I had just quit another band. The passion had left my entire being, and quite frankly, I wasn’t upset about it. I just wanted to know who I really was, and what am I supposed to be doing with the one chance I have here. I began to search for answers. I “Googled” things like, “Who am I,” “What is my purpose,” and a collection of other uncertain key strokes. I wanted better. Soon I stumbled upon a book called “Think and Grow Rich.” The title resonated within the soul at a deep level. You see, the first 27 years of my life to be honest were nothing short of humiliating and embarrassing to say the least. I grew up in a trailer, and when other kids were out having fun, my family could “never afford it.” Often there were times I would sit in school and wonder if we still had electricity at home. Seeing the pink slip from the electric company was burned into my memory. “Final Notice.”  It’s hot out today and I hope the air conditioner is running when I get home. These thoughts, these circumstances quickly turned an innocent child into a professional worrier. I was getting good at it. Twenty-seven years later I quickly downloaded the book thinking, “I hope this works.” I was hungry, I was tired, and I was helpless. A victim of the past you might call it.

I quickly began to read this book. I Youtubed lectures on the author and listened to him speak. 6 months go by…nothing was happening to change my life. Or so it seemed. I wanted to test this man’s theory. What did I have to lose? My first goal was to have a relationship. Rachel came into my life 30 days later. Wow! Yet, doubt in the unseen was still a reality. Luck? Chance? Fluke? I didn’t know what to call it, but all I know is she was there and for the first time I had someone who believed in me. I shared the book with her and explained the principles in the book. I let her know she was now in my life because of this book.  We studied together. We grew together. Her dream was to help children. I wasn’t sure what mine was just yet. I remember sitting outside of our small apartment asking, “What is my definite major purpose?” I asked this question so many times I could puke. Then something else happened. I received a “hunch.” My childhood was rough and unstable. Rachel loves helping children. What if….We could teach the principles in this book to children who would otherwise never know the magic in life? It sounded impossible. I didn’t know how to do it, and we didn’t know where to even start. But the desire was there. I wanted children to know how to become successful. Unfortunately they don’t teach this in school. I imagine if they would have offered “Wealth 1” and “Wealth 2” I probably would have cared enough to graduate High School. There was no class on how to become financially independent and have the relationships you could only dream about.

I made a discovery two short years later. What if we taught these principles to children through some kind of cartoon? Sounded great! How do we do it? Who knows. I began searching inside for more guidance. By the way, education is not the art of cramming one’s head full of information, but it comes from the Latin word “educo” meaning to draw out, or to develop from within. Big difference. We made our decision. We were going to find a way to do this. We looked in to hiring animators, and to our surprise, it would cost thousands of dollars to hire one. We didn’t have that kind of money lying around. We searched, we dreamed some more, and we basically became two people with a burning desire to change millions of children’s lives. Over time we found an amazing animator and music composer to help us with our dream. They had also read and studied “Think and Grow Rich.” We were so thankful to find them. I contacted the author’s foundation, and asked if anything like our project had ever been done. The response was from the Executive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation via voice mail. “Hey Brian, this is Don Green. I like your idea, and I’m interested in it.” A year later, we are proud to announce (in collaboration with the Napoleon Hill foundation) our 3D cartoon for children will be a series based on Napoleon Hill’s principles of success, and will be available next year! There is magic in this book, and there is magic in each one of you.

-Brian Michael


Think And Learn Big - The Napoleon Hill Animated Series

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